Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merlin Seasons 5 - The Hollow Queen

Queen Guinevere Pendragon continues to be under Morgana’s control. Arthur opens his door to King Sarrum of Amata, a ruthless king known to have killed men, women and children during his reign. A mysterious boy Daegal appears in Camelot to seek Merlin’s help to save his sister. He told Merlin that he was a druid and showed a tattoo to convince him.

Merlin eventually agrees to help the boy and left Camelot secretly. Later it is revealed that Daegal is in league with Camelot’s worst enemy Morgana. Morgana was able to get the upper hand, poisoned Merlin and left him to die.

Back in Camelot Arthur spars with one of King Sarrum’s men Albin. Albin got the upper hand during the sparring and had Arthur in his mercy. But Sarrum did not have the intention of killing Arthur then. Sarrum admitted that they had Morgana captured and put her and her Dragon in a well. But eventually Morgana escaped.

Gwen talks to Sarrum about assassinating the Arthur and in return she will surrender a portion of Camelot’s lands. Sarrum thought of a better way of gaining control and ordered Albin to kill Arthur and then Gwen after.

During all of this Daegal was guilt driven and decided to save Merlin. Later it was revealed that he was not a druid at all but her mother was like Merlin and possessed Magic. He help Merlin reached Camelot and found Albin about to shoot an arrow to Arthur. Using Magic, Merlin was able to distract Albin but the later retaliated and start throwing knives.

Merlin was able to evade the knives and magically threw a spear to Albin and causing an arrow to hit Sarrum instead. Merlin then realized that Daegal was not unscathed and was dying from a knife wound. He died eventually and was given a proper burial as Arthur has commanded.

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